Case Study by Andrea Picasso            December 8, 2013


Client: Professor Deborah Krikun

Project Title: Hyperrealism – MAC Pigments advertising

Duration: Fall Semester 2013

Team: Andrea Picasso

Description: The objective of this project was to create a Hyperrealist image using Photoshop. I decided to do the image of a painter doing the makeup of a girl on a billboard. The way it made it even more hyperrealistic was the fact that I made the painter use actual make up tools such as make-up brushes and paints.
Research: When I thought of my different concepts, this concept was not on my top three, but when I presented to the class, they mostly voted on this one. Because it was not my top pick I had not put much thought into this idea. So the class brainstormed and I liked the billboard idea. I began my research by looking up on Google possible images I would use. I had to look for the right subjects that would all be on a same angle, also taking into consideration the size of the picture. Another huge part of my research was finding my subject matter for the billboard. I am a huge fan of Rihanna, so I chose her to be the girl on the billboard, but finding the right picture of her was quite challenging. Because she is world-wide famous there are billions of pictures of her on the web. I had to find a photo that would focus on her face, but also she would have to be on the nude side in make-up terms. I also had to look up at some pictures of actual billboard painters for inspiration on how to place every image.
Strategy: My strategy for this project was to have the same amount of realistic components as I had unrealistic. For example, the subjects were all realistic but the way they were portrayed in was not.  The make-up tools had to be enlarged so that the image made sense. Also I had to alter both sides of Rihanna’s face, dramatically. One side had to be dull and plain, while the side the painter was working on bright and live. One thing I had to add to make the image more realistic, was add shadows to some of the objects, as well as adjust every object’s brightness and color balance to unify the image as a whole.
Challenges: Before I ended up with my final photo, I went through plenty of challenges, and the image looked far from what it ended up looking. For my first “final” image, I was too focused on making it look more realistic and the hyperrealism concept ended up being only about 20% of the whole image. So I sort of had to start from scratch. Another challenge I faced was trying to get all the objects to appear to be form the same perspective.
Results: I am very happy with the outcome of this project. After I finished the image, professor Krikun proposed I should turn all my pieces into advertisements since my major is Marketing/Advertising. So I did. Although it meant more work I liked the idea, so I added a product and followed the advertisement layout I learned from my advertising class.

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